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redrock artbank specialises in high quality, original art produced by Australian indigenous artists.

Our collection includes unique works acquired over 25 years from some of Australia’s most renowned aboriginal artists.

Our expert curators know and understand aboriginal art and the culture that created it.

When you lease an artwork from redrock artbank you are assured of authenticity from artists uniquely qualified to create the work.

Australian Aboriginal Art


Australian Aboriginal culture is the oldest continuous culture in human history; a culture whose depth and understanding of life and mother earth is central to the spirituality of all humanity. This spirituality manifests itself in the diversity and beauty of Aboriginal art.


redrock artbank


redrock artbank has been established to make high-quality artworks available to all through a flexible, affordable leasing plan.

In addition to our unrivalled portfolio of Aboriginal artworks, Redbank Artbank also offers our clients a wide selection of artworks from other genres, including contemporary and traditional works by established and emerging artists.

In other words, we offer affordable wall art to suit every interior design situation and every taste in visual art.

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