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The text, images and all data (‘the content’) of the Redrock Artbank website are copyright. All content published on this website is copyright and appears with the permission of the artists and copyright holders. 


Authorised Uses


The content of this website may be used:

  • for private research and study;

  • for selection of artworks through Redrock Artbank’s leasing program; and/or

  • for research and study as defined by section 40 of the Copyright Act 1968.

  • All other uses of the content of this site require Redrock Artbank’s permission and permission of the copyright owner (where applicable). Applications for authorised use must be made to


Any authorised use must ascribe to the following conventions:

  • Artwork must clearly identify the artist, title and date of the work within the reproduction;

  • The text must cite the author, title and source of the content used as from any printed work; and

  • The attribution must include the general source ‘Redrock Artbank website:’.

Prohibited Uses


You may not use the content for any purpose other than as specified above without the express written consent of Artbank.


The content of this website (or any part of it) may not be:

  • modified, republished, distributed, reproduced or communicated in any form;

  • used for any public performance or display including a transmission over a network; and

  • reproduced in any form including without limitation, the extraction and/or storage in any retrieval system or inclusion in any other computer program or work (except as is incidental to viewing the Redrock Artbank website).

  • Contravention is an infringement of the Australian Copyright Act 1968.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander warning


Redrock Artbank respectfully advises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples that this site may include images of artistic, cultural or intellectual property that may be of a sensitive nature. All efforts have been made to ensure that restricted works are not included.

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